Room Tour

27th September 2016

Welcome to my room.

Here are a few photographs capturing the essence of  my personality and likes through the home ware and furnishings I own.

The running theme throughout my room consists of white, duck egg and accents of copper accessories.

Despite having very little floor space – my room comfortably fits a double bed, a large chest of drawers and a floor to ceiling bookshelf.

My furniture and walls are all painted white to make the room seem bigger, featuring a duck egg damask wallpaper at the headboard end of my bed to add a soft pop of colour.

My favourite feature has to be the large south-west facing window that fills almost the entire forth wall. It provides a lot of natural light and gives me a beautiful view over the south side of the river.

Most importantly topped off with lots of soft furnishings and personal touches like medals and photographs that complete the over all look of my room.

I try and keep my room clean and organised, and avoid over cluttering (which is easily done is such a small room) by having a place for everything. This includes taking full advantage of under bed storage!

As they say ‘Tidy Room, Tidy Mind


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