Cauliflower Cheese Salad

7th October 2016


Cauliflower cheese burgers x2



Baby Spinach

Spring Onions

Sweet Peppers



Chai Seeds


Sweet Chilli sauce


A simple salad dish that I make almost everyday. It’s really tasty and only takes 30 mins to do and can be changed up a lot. Firstly, I always put the the burgers in the oven. These ones normally take 30 mins to do. Whilst they are in the oven I start chopping up all of the salad and mix it together in the bowl – adding the chai seeds at the end. Then once the burgers are cooked just cut them up and add them to the dish. Finally add the sweet chilli sauce on the top!

Another version I make a lot is this dish with Quorn Southern fried chicken instead which is really tasty. Add a bit of grated cheddar, some toasted seeds and for the more adventuress add pomegranate (believe me it tastes amazing!) Top it off with ceaser dressing  and voila!

For those that are meat lovers, try adding chicken or salmon and I’m sure it will taste just as great.

The more colourful the food, the better



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