Top 9 Movies and TV Shows

8th October 2016

Here are my Top 9 favourite TV shows and movies. When it comes to watching movies I’m the type of person who watches them over and over and never really gets sick of them. Why not try them out for yourself –


I used to swear that no one else I knew had watched this show except me and my mam – then again she doesn’t even watch it anymore – BUT a girl I’ve met at collage also shares my love for this american drama! From season 1 to season 11 – I have loved every single episode and have fallen in love with Booth and Brennan. I CAN’T WAIT till the final season starting later this year!!!

Great British Bake Off

I’m not even sure if this is technically a TV series but I mean I tune in for it every Wednesday (If you ask me I think Benjamina is going to win but Selasi completely makes the show – I just find it hilarious how laid back he is!)


OMG this is by far my favourite show at the moment! Not only does it have amazing actors like Jenna Coleman, Rufus Sewell and Tom Hughs but it is also loosely based on Queen Victoria’s life, and I absolutely love the royal family! I’m very interested in the royals and even visited Kensington palace a couple of years ago – before Prince William and Kate  moved in – and wow it was honestly life changing.

Young Victoria

This movie is also an amazing version of Queen Victoria’s life, staring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend – who might I say make an amazing on-screen power couple! I swear I’ve watched this movie a million times and cry almost every time.

Walking on Sunshine

Well I was actually recommended this by a friend and I spent a week straight putting it on repeat! Now I know almost ever word to every scene and song and is a sure way to get me in a good mood. My Top three songs have to be ‘How will I know’, ‘It must have been love’ and ‘If I could turn back time’ – a definat tear jerker and a great film to watch if you love 1980’s music.

The Proposal

A staple romcom I turn too which never fails to cheer to me up. Full of humor and awkward moments that make you cringe! The fact that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds star in it means that it can’t be anything other than amazing. Perfect to cuddle up in bed with popcorn and hot chocolate and watch with your girl-friends!

Soul Surfer

This movie is based off of the true story of Bethany Hamilton who is a professional surfer who lost her arm due to a shark attack. Very inspiring and another great movie to curl up and watch.

The Impossible

The Impossible is also a true story based on the 2004 Boxing day tsunami in Thailand. I first saw this in the cinema on my first date with my boyfriend of 4 years. Fair enough to say that I really enjoyed both the film and the date!

Cinderella 2015

Maybe its the little girl in me, but I cant help but love this version of the Disney classic! Lily James does the role so much justice but I can’t hep but compare to her role in the much missed series Downtown Abbey. The overall effect of this movie is amazing and I can’t wait till Audrey is old enough to appreciate it so we can watch it together!


Some other movies that I absolutely love and watch regularly are ‘The Harry Potter Series’ (who doesn’t???), ‘The Divergent Series’, ‘Avatar’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ 2015. I’m also really looking forward to new releases that are coming out later this year and next year – which I will no doubt make a blog post about sometime in the future!




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