DIY Fashion Flower Pot

9th October 2016

This is a simple DIY I made that barely cost much money at all. A recylced coffee jar, bags of pebbles that cost 50p each and a bunch of flowers that cost £1.50. It takes only minutes to do and can be switched up to suit your own personal preferences. Enjoy!


Items you will need –

Douwe Egburts Coffee Jar

2 sets of pebbles (different colours)

Fake flowers

String/Ribbon (about 45cm long)


Step one –  Firstly I made sure my jar was clean inside and out. I used warm water and washing up liquid to remove all labels – letting the jar soak in water makes it easier to gently rub off any sticky sections.

Step two –  Measure the stems of the fake flowers against the jar to make sure that they aren’t too long – as this could result in them sitting too high in the jar.

Step three –  Use the String (or ribbon) to tie the bunch of flowers together relatively close to the top. Once you have done this you can then make sure they sit nicely and look how you want them too.

Step four –  Now it’s time to take the first of the coloured pebbles (in my case black) and place them in the bottom of the jar. If you gently shake the jar it should level them out evenly.

Step five –  Add only HALF of the second colour (white) and level again.

Step six –  Place the stem of the flowers in the center of the pebbles and check the height of bouquet is correct.

Step seven –  Finally, gently place the remaining half of the second colour around the stem and this will ensure that they are firmly placed.

I hope you liked this DIY!


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