Audrey’s Christening

9th October 2016

We celebrated the Christening of my baby sister Audrey Elliott on the 3rd of July earlier this year.

Me and my mother actually ran the Great North 10k on this very morning and as you can guess – it was VERY hectic. But we both finished and managed to make it back in time to shower and change and make it to the church on time.

She was a perfect angel for the occasion except for the occasional cry. Which is totally allowed if your being passed around all day and get water thrown on your head.

It was very special to see David the Vicar – who Christened me back in the day – Christen my cutie at the same church I went to Sunday School!

A lot of close family and friends spent the day with us and after the relatively short ceremony we enjoyed food and drink back at the family house. BTW, the Costco occasion cakes are to die for! Mmmmm.

Her dress was from Monsoon and I swear it is one of the cutest items of clothing she owns! So I’ve linked it in case anyone wants to take a look!,mon_3.1,mon_3.1.3/9130671102

Such a special day ❤


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