KIKO Milano Lip Collection

11th October 2016


1st left to right –

Smart Lipstick 902  903  913  917  926  935

2nd Left to right –

Ultra Glossy Stylo 813  Velvet Mat 610  Luscious Cream 504

3rd Left to right –

Smooth Temptation 06  Crayon gloss 12


I thought some of you might be interested if I showed you guys some of my favourite Lipsticks and Lip-glosses. I’m far from an expert and I’m not even that great at doing make-up but what the hell ❤


So it’s fair to say that I’m a little in love with KIKO’s lip products.

The first of their products I ever bought was the Velvet Mat 610. And it is an absolute dream to wear – applying really nicely and it was the perfect colour I was looking for.

Not long after I returned and bought the Luscious Cream 504 and the Smart Lipstick 926 – and its fair to say I was hooked.

The smart lipstick‘s are so moisturising and don’t dry out your lips at all. They are my ‘go to’s’ and  come in 33 different shades and I only have 6! Also they are a great price of only £3.90.

The price of all of their products are really reasonable for such high quality Make-Up.

I mostly avoid red and pink colours as they don’t suit me at all – however; the shades I have bought are gorgeous and aren’t scary to wear! I love more brown and berry tones as I find them more complimentary to my skin tone (and really get me in the autumnal mood!).

Their newest collection looks absolutely divine and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of their new Enigma lipsticks. Especially 02- ‘Mysterious Peach’ and 05 – ‘Magnetic Rust’.


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