Halloween Watches



20th October 2016

(One Week till Halloween)


So here are just two of the movies and shows I plan on watching this Halloween and I just thought I would share them.


The Conjuring 2

So I’m really not a horror type of person. I actually scream at jump scares and find it hard to watch them without mostly covering my eyes. However this was the latest horror film I watched at the cinema – and I actually really enjoyed it.

YES I screamed and hated most of the jumpy bits- but the ending was really good and didn’t even scare me too much (once I had the guts to open my eyes!).

In comparison, ‘The Conjuring’ I found far more terrifying. The wardrobe scene alone was the death of me – but the ending was unwatchable.

Despite this, I really want to experience a true scare night and enjoy a night celebrating Halloween.

So hopefully I might be able to convince my boyfriend (and maybe a few friends to join us) to sit down and watch it again. Maybe with takeaway and chocolate…

Hint Hint if your reading Aidan.


The Good Witch, Movies and Netflix series

I feel like I should give this Hallmark Channel Original a shout out for this time of year. Yes, I know that they aren’t specifically based around Halloween but the first of them was – and without that first movie  – they wouldn’t be where they are now. And they have the theme running subtly throughout.

So this is definitely on my more chill time to watch list – no scary jump scenes which suits me just fine!

There are a lot them: however; I’m sure I can dedicate just enough time to get in the Halloween mood –


Movies – The Good Witch

   The Good Witch’s Garden

   The Good Witch’s Gift

   The Good Witch’s Family

   The Good Witch’s Destiny

   The Good Witch’s Wonder

   The Good Witch’s Halloween

Netflix series – Good Witch


I totally recommend these for those who don’t like scary Halloween themed shows!




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