28th October 2016

(5 days till Halloween)


For this post I thought that I would take a look into my dreams / nightmares.

I have a few similar variations of dreams that I’ve had for quite a few years and I thought that I would look up what they supposedly mean and symbolise. I’m the type of person that remembers all of my dreams once I’ve woken up. This is just for fun and who knows – They might actual mean something!

These are the 3 main themes –


1 – The inability to run.

‘To dream that you are running in slow motion – or that you are trying to run but cannot make your feet move as fast as you want them to – signifies a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence on your part.’


2 – The inability to scream or even talk.

‘Inability to scream in the face of threatening situation indicates a suppression of thought or emotion.’


3 – Being surrounded by people in fast forward.

‘Speed in dreams identifies an intensity of feelings that is not usually available in waking life. Because everything is happening too quickly, it engenders anxiety in us, which creates problems.’


The first two both fall under the same canopy of Paralysis. I can’t say I really agree with the  definitions. I’m a relatively open person and speak my mind around people I know. However, I’m not the type of person to say something I believe if it could be taken as rude and could hurt someones feeling – even if I believe something completely opposite.

The third is relatively similar and I do believe I’m a very emotional person. I cry at just about anything! No seriously – I do.

On a whole I’m not 100% if I believe the whole dream definitions and the spiritual meanings thing. It’s a nice thought but realistically I think the mind is full of randomly jumbled thoughts. I’m quite a visual person which I believe reflects in my dream state of mind.

I hope that you found this interesting and might possibly want to take a look into your own personal dreams. Who knows – it might just tell you something about yourself you never even knew!


Dream Interpretation & Dream Dictionary


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