Pumpkin Carving Time

26th October

(3 days till Halloween)


So what kind of Halloween would it be if there was no pumpkin carving???

The last few years myself and Aidan like to carve pumpkins together and no doubt will this weekend – and now I can now look forward to doing them with Audrey as well in a few years!

This pumpkin was purchased from Costco for £2.79 which is reasonable considering the actual size!

By no means am I any good so this year I went for an unconventional owl design on a branch instead of the typical scary face ect – which I normal do.

I used a design off of Pintrest that i will link below – I simplified it a little as I have a cold at the moment and the gooey mess wasn’t appealing at all!


Tools Used –

Small kitchen knife

Stanley knife

Melon baller

Cutting board

Plastic bowl

(I also used a pumpkin carving kit from Tesco – which was awful and  flimsy and a waste of money!)


I mainly used the knife and Stanley knife to carve the actual pumpkin and the melon baller to empty and scope out the seeds and insides. The chopping board was used to keep the pumpkin in place and off any delicate surfaces and bowl to dump all of the pumpkin insides!

I’m surprised I didn’t lose a finger!!!!





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