Happy Halloween!



31st October 2016

Ooooooooo Happy Halloween guys!

So Halloween has never been a big thing for myself growing up – I never really used to go out trick or treating or get dressed up unless it was a for a party at school or at the local Youth club.

I think last year was probably the most I have ever really thought about the build up to the day – and that is because I had a little get together with my closest friends. And this involved decorations, sweets, pizza, chicken nuggets, cakes and music.

It was a lovely relaxed night and ended up turning into a mini sleepover!

A lot of food was consumed and some great memories were made – however; it’s a nice change to be spending this Halloween with my cute college girlies! (Don’t worry a blog post will follow in the near future ❤ )

Unfortunately baby Audrey is still a little too young to fully appreciate this holiday, which is really unfortunate but makes me super excited for next year!

Believe me I’m practically already planning the fun little things we could do, including some cute outfit ideas.



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