Relaxed Night In

11th October 2016


So the nights have started to get colder and college is in full swing. A relaxing night in is a great way to get cozy and get some’Me’ time.


A perfect way to wind down and get warm is to have a Lush bath. I chose the ‘Luxury Lush Pud‘ which is recommended as a bedtime soother –

‘The reassuring scent of lavender oil and creamy benzoin resinoid banishes tension and aids relaxation.’

I’m not a huge lavender lover but this bath bomb made the water feel creamy and made my skin feel amazing. I definitely recommend looking at the descriptions  of the bath bomb first to make sure they uses ingredients that calms the body and mind!

Whilst in the bath I always find it a perfect time to read.

Normally I’m guilty of using my kindle app on my phone which is probably a stupid idea. But it feels so much more comforting holding a solid book and turning each page individually!

So I’m not really a huge skin care lover and don’t normally love taking time out of my every day to take care of it – but then there are days like these where it feels great to moisturise and even apply a face mask (I’m normally far too lazy!).

Slipping into your favourite PJ’s and slippers can be the most comforting thing of all. It’s very homey and gives you the perfect excuse to curl up in bed under a blanket!

Another major relaxant is a good cup of Tea. Add the addition of some Mint Oreo Cookies and its a great little snack to enjoy whilst soaking in the bath or watching a movie. In my case – catching up on YouTube and writing a blog post!


What do you do on your relaxing nights in?






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