13th October 2016



So it’s fair to say that I’m not much of a fisherman myself – however my boyfriend is very keen!

Let’s just say in the four years we have been together only one of the times has been considerably ‘successful’.

In his defense he has all of the knowledge and skill but that means nothing if there are no fish to catch.

I don’t really think I have the patience to sit and wait and believe me – sitting in the cold and wind without anything to show for it can be a little depressing. Despite this, it’s still nice to see how enthusiastic he is.

At the end of our summer holiday this year, Aidan, his parents and myself all travelled down to visit his family in Norwich – where I was assured that this would be the time I finally get to see him catch a fish.

And he did!

We drove down gorgoues country lanes and country side and visited Topcroft Lakes. Which is a local farm that has a pond stocked full of fish and you pay to fish there.

It was such a gorgeous place and the weather was phenomenal at almost 25 degrees – it was almost a sign that he might have some success.

I had a really nice time and we talked to quite a few other people as well as the farmer who gifted me with a sunflower (he was really sweet).

In total, Aidan caught four Carp of decent size and I even attempted to put one back in the water but that didn’t go down too well.

Some snacks and a book to read and it was a perfect ending to our trip away and the summer.

We returned the day after and I started college the following Tuesday.

We also went canoeing which I really enjoyed despite a stressful start down to who steers ect ect but the weather was beautiful and we saw swans, fish and cows – which was very relaxing and I wish we had booked it for the day so we could have stopped off in the town and had a picnic.

If we visit Norwich together again –  I would happily accompany him despite his still lack of trust in letting me cast the rod.


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