My Halloween


1st November 2016



So this year I experienced a really lovely Halloween.

My ‘celebrations’ began on the Friday night, where my boyfriend and myself had a night in watching ‘The Conjuring’ and he treated me to an Indian (Exactly what I wanted to do!!) his mam joined us and we had a lovely evening/ night. The next day the three of us traveled up to town and spent a few hours walking around the Christmas section of John Lewis and Fenwicks which was very exciting and we had a very nice time (I was in heaven). We then were treated with hot chocolate and ate maple pancakes – which were very tasty!

Once returning home our close friends came and joined us for a pumpkin carving session which was a great laugh and we loved catching up with them! Once they had left we then sat down and enjoyed another evening watching a movie, cuddled up in the living room.

Unfortunately I had to leave early on the Sunday; however, Aidan managed to catch up with the girls again (Kirsty’s team won 2-0 WOOOO, well done!) and I got to spend some quality time with Audrey which was really nice!!!

On the Monday – Halloween –  I began prepping for the night before headed over to my amazing friend house. Myself and the girls enjoyed a night at a restaurant and had a great catch up all dressed up which was really fun ❤

The three of us had such a great time (thank you girls!) and went on the cutest morning walk with two of Lauren’s dogs, Hugo the Pug and Noah. I wish I could just keep them!


I’m sorry I couldn’t just choose a few photos so here are most of them!

Thank you for everyone who made this Halloween so enjoyable ❤





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