Gooey Chocolate Brownie


27th October


So it feels like a million years since I’ve had the time and effort to have a good bake. This week is half term for myself when I am writing this so i thought i would dedicate an hour of my time to baking a brownie!!!!

I am a serious chocoholic and what is more perfect then a moist gooey chocolate brownie???

I used an online recipe that I will link at the bottom, but I will included a personalised simplified version of the recipe here –


Ingredients –

5           Eggs 

225g    Butter/ Margarine (Bertolli)

110g     plain flour (Aldi, ‘the Pantry’)

55g       Cacao Powder (Terrafertil, Organic Cacao Powder)

450g    caster sugar (Belbake, Cane suger)

140g    milk chocolate (Sainsbury’s own)



I preheated my oven to 190 degrees

Firstly I melted my milk choclate and butter in a bowl over hot water, until they were fully mixed together. I then placed this mixture into a large plastic bowl.

I added the caster suger first by stirringit in, and then added the Cacoa Powder and flour by folding them into the mixture.

Next I cracked the eggs and wisked them togther before addimg them to the rest of the indregients. This process took the longest to fully blend into the ingredients but once it did, my mixture was a dark brown colour that was smooth and dripped from the spoon.

I placed the mixture into a baking tray and added a few chocolate shards for a bit more gooeyness befor placing it in the oven.

I first set the oven for 30 minutes, but once checking it was still runny in the centre. So I added another 10 minutes; however, again I checked with a knife the centre was still very soft. I then placed the brownie in for a further 20 mintes checking on it every 5, until it was fully baked.

The brownie had a lovely high rise and was perfecty crisp on the outside – it looked and smelled Yummy!

To finish I added melted chocolate for decoration and can imagine it will tste lovely with icecream!


I really enjoyed taking time to do this I would really recommend trying it yourself!


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