Places I’ve Travelled

13th October 2016

(53 days to Christmas)


The hotel pool in Cyprus – Dalyan Rock Tombs in Turkey – The boat trip on the Catamaran in Crete

So it’s started getting really cold now – and I can’t help but think of warmer times. More specifically time spent abroad!

I’ve been very fortunate and lucky to spend some sun time in 4 different parts of the world and for that I am very grateful.


Riccione and Venice, Italy, 2012

This was my first time travelling abroad. And this was actually a trip to participate in a competition – so I was travelling with friends and team members. I was 14 years old and it was a very exciting experience.

We flew from Manchester Airport to an airport near Venice – where we then spent the day exploring before climbing on a coach and driving down to the gorgeous Riccione. We spent a few days here but I would have loved to have had more spare time to explore more of the town, as it was lovely.

I had an amazing time and would love to visit  more in depth!


MarmarisTurkey, 2013

This was my first family holiday abroad with my mother and sister. We arrived very early to discover we had a gorgeous roof room that was by all accounts amazing. This was an all Inclusive holiday and was very enjoyable. Where we stayed unfortunately was quite a walk from the coast and due to the heat we had to use taxis quite a bit- it hit 50 degrees which was perfect.

The highlight of this holiday was when we spent the last day at Dalyan rock tombs, mud bath and Turtle beach. For one – yes the mud bath stunk and it took a while to get up the nerve to climb in – but it felt really nice and I would definitely do it again.

After that we took a boat along the river and saw the caves and spent a long time lazing on the beach.

It was the perfect ending to the holiday.


Rethymno,Crete, 2014

So this was a VERY exciting trip. This year it was just me and my mother who went to Cyprus – and this was by far the best holiday I have ever been on yet. Stunning food, views, weather and hotel!

The first day we spent on the coast – we watched a rescued sea turtle being released. It was amazing to see and we both got very sunburnt in the scorching heat.

However – the day spent on the Catamaran was one of the best days of my life. We spent the day at sea swimming and snorkeling in the reefs – it was beyond this world and I would do anything to re-live this day!

Long days sunbathing and walks into the quaint town were heavenly and I would return in a heartbeat. ❤


Paphos, Cyprus, 2015

This was the latest holiday I went on. I traveled with my mam (who was pregnant at the time and in the second trimester) and her fiance.

We stayed in an apartment style room, half-board and with a hire car. This was the longest time I’ve spent away from the UK and it was a nice area with tons of places to see.

However, the time of year that we visited meant that it wasn’t as hot as we would have liked. Or at least I thought that it was a tad too nippy.

The flight home was interesting as well, let’s just say flight sickness and morning sickness made me feel very bad for my mother on the five and half hour journey).


Once again I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. I have enjoyed visiting all of these countries and look forward to hopefully many more adventures around the world!



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