YouTubers I Love


24th October 2016

I don’t really subscribe to many people but these guys are the ones I really love to watch and enjoy keeping up to date with. They are all great and are very enjoyable to watch!

Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes 

Zoella   MoreZoella   PointlessBlogVlogs   PointlessBlog


I’m sure there are plenty and plenty of people who love these guys – 10 Million plus – and I am one of them. I love all of their videos and vlogs and they are great people and have a lovely life. I love their pug, Nala, who is adorable and makes me want a pug even more. They have great products and merch and I love that they share their lives! Such great people and they make a beautiful couple.

Jonathon, Anna, Emilia and Eduardo

Jonathon Joly     Anna Saccone    SACCONEJOLYs

This is a very cute family and I can’t believe they are expecting their third (forth) child! I love that they upload every single day and honestly make me smile so much. Emilia and Eduardo are very bright and make me so excited to see how Audrey ages, and what to look forward too in the future.

Ellie and Jared Mecham –

Jared Mecham    Ellie Mecham    Ellie and Jared   

So these guys are my newest find and subscription – but I’m already in love with their channel. I ran across the video of them moving into their new house that they built and since then I have been catching up on quite a few of their other vlogs! I can’t wait to see how their home develops.



I’m a huge Sims fan and Sophie creates some crazy amazing designs on Sims 4 that I think are great to watch. She has a great Scottish accent and is very funny – she does really great voice overs.

The next 3 set of Subscriptions, I don’t necessarily catch every day and watch every single of their videos just ones that I think look interesting and then if I’m having a lazy day I’ll spend time catching up with more of their other videos as well!

Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman

Tanya Burr    Jim Chapman    EveryDayJim

Tanya Burr specifically I really enjoy her vlogs and she only makes a few a week/ month. I really enjoy these and I can’t wait till vlogmas this year!

Jim is a really bright and happy character and he is always doing fun and exciting things which are great to watch – again I prefer his vlogs.

Gabriella Lindley

Gabriella Lindley    Gabriella

Gabriella does a lot of hauls and PO box reveals which I really enjoy and really look out for.

Aspyn and Parker

Aspyn Ovard    Aspyn + Parker

This couple travel so much and watching their travel vlogs really inspire me and make me very jealous! They have just traveled to Bora Bora AGAIN and truthfully they are the reason I would like to travel to Four Seasons.

Who are you favourite YouTubers?


5 thoughts on “YouTubers I Love

  1. I haven’t heard of some of these YouTubers so I’ll definitely check them out! And my favourite YouTuber is probably Lilly Singh AKA iiSuperwomanii 🙂

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