My Cat

17th October 2016


So this little beauty is my cat called – you guessed it- Midnight.

We received her as a kitten from a local animal rescue shelter 5 years ago. She was very little and extremely shy when we received her.

We have kept her as a ‘house cat’ due my previous house being directly behind the main-ish road and I didn’t want to risk losing my baby or her getting hurt. In our new house we now live close to the A1 – which is a very very very busy road and I wouldn’t dare risk letting her out now.

Midnight has a big issue with wearing collars and every one that she has owned she manages to find a way to get it off. Since she’s only indoors it isn’t such a big deal and we haven’t made her wear another one.

Around Christmas time I had to made sure she was in the kitchen at night time because she destroys my tree and decorations and needs to be watched like a hawk! None the less it’s very cute but it could be dangerous if she got caught in the lights.

The little miss stayed with me whilst I lived in the flat and was the best companion. She slept every night on my bed without fault and loved to just relax with myself – unfortunately now at our new home she isn’t allowed upstairs due to Audrey sleeping up there.

I personally would love to have her be allowed in my new room as I miss her company; however, the only upside has to be that my white bedroom is STILL white and not covered in hair which is definitely a plus side.

In the future I would love to own another pet and would love for her to have a sibling – even perhaps a dog!




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