Relay for Life 2017


16th October 2016



The dreaded C word.

Unfortunately Cancer has touched so many people, whether fighting it personally or knowing a loved one who is. And there are so many events in place to raise money to help fight Cancer sooner and find a cure!

For the last two years I have really enjoyed taking part in the Relay for Life –  which is a 24 hr event that raises money for Cancer Research UK – due to the support that is shown and the spirit of everyone around us!

What happens at the fundraiser is, as a team we take turns to go around the running track for 24 hrs straight, swapping every few laps or so. We camp out in the middle of the track where smaller tables are set out and more fundraising takes place!

Different hours are dedicated to different types of cancer – the males of our group have worn bright bras to support breast cancer and the females have even wore boxers (on top of our pants!) to help support prostate cancer.

There are also other events like live singers, a water slide and a silent disco that we look forward too when the night gets later.

As a team, myself and friends will again be participating in the next event!

Our team Starlight, and team leader Ellie, have done some amazing work in fundraising money for this amazing charity and I am honored to say that I am part of it!

Most of you guys may not know me personally – but I would greatly appreciate if you took a moment to look at the link below and perhaps make a donation for such an inspiring event!

Thank you Millions!!!! ❤





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