Great North Run 2017?


16th November 2016


So I’m not a huge runner.

I find it hard to convince myself to go on the treadmill or to go outside for a run. And when I do it’s normally only 3 miles or so – 6 at a stretch but this year I would like to make a difference.

Running in an event is different however.

I absolutely love being a part of a group run such as the the Great North 10k or 5k and have been fortunate to do both for the last two years. I hope to take part in them again nest year AND hopefully I will be able to get a place for a charity for the Great North Run 2017.

I’m pretty happy with the times I achieved for the 4 events I have participated in – my 5k’s completed both just over 30 mins and the 10k’s just over an hour! (by far not very fast but at least I make it round!)


I would very much like to run for charity but haven’t yet decided which one to support!

Here are a few I would love to support; however, I would happily support any signal charity that there are as they are all so deserving of support and fundraising –

Cancer Research UK

Tommy’s (A charity that helps babies and pregnancies)

Breast Cancer Care


I will do an update maybe later this year or next with HOPEFULLY great news!

Wish me luck,






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