The Crown



17th November 2016

(1 week till my 19th Birthday)


So I thought I would do a little review blog post on the new Netflix Original Series, The Crown.

Firstly, please don’t read this if you don’t want any spoilers or are planning on watching it yourself and don’t want to hear too much about it!


So, the reason I wanted to watch this shows in the first place is because I absolutely love the royal family. And I mean LOVE. (Well I mean there are a few people I’m not too keen on but nearly everyone.)

If you have seen some of my other blog posts you may have seen myself mentioning TV shows like ‘Victoria’ and the movie ‘Young Victoria’ – even ‘Will and Kate’ which I am 110% positive I haven’t mentioned – which I love but it’s more of a cheesy type.

So when I found out that there was a series about our Queen Elizabeth, I was extremely happy!


It was apparent that as soon as the show stared , that Claire Foy, is the perfect actress to play the staring part. Not only the look but the accent as well I believe portrays Queen Elizabeth very well.


The first episode follows Elizabeth and Philip – played by Matt Smith – get married, have children etc and then King George suffering with his illness. I found this quite good; however, it was rushed in my opinion even though I’m aware that they are trying to give the low down to people who don’t know their story.

It was at the point in the very first episode,  in the first 10 minutes, I should have clicked that there was an underling feeling/ emotion  conflicting between Elizabeth and Philip. This is something that really annoyed me throughout the entire season ESPECIALLY the last episode.

So the last episode for me just didn’t really…. complete the series? Does this make any sense?

Its just a really moody sad last episode with a lot of conflict left up in the air without any resolve – and I had hoped that this would have vanished by the finale!!


The two sisters are quarreling despite Elizabeth being physically unable to keep her promise – Peter then leaves the country again as a result. This is in itself is annoying due to Her majesty being wrongly informed, therefor it isn’t her fault!

As for Philip – there is discussion on if he is being a good father/ husband and is sent away to represent the Queens name – THEN he announces has been extended for five whole months and doesn’t even say good bye! This i found really sad and upsetting and so heartless!

We then watch heartbreakingly as The Queen has to smile through a portrait and pretend nothing is wrong when she must be suffering on the inside! So I guess that the have succeeded in drawing me in and I will definitely be watching the next season.

Which is frustrating because I know that is what real life is like; however, I much prefer a happy ending!


I would rate this series ****

Any one manage to catch this series? What were your opinions?









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