Garnier Skin Care


7th November 2016

(6 days till my 19th Birthday)


So I am pretty awful for regular skin care – even removing make-up is something I always forget.

The last few weeks I’ve noticed my friends being really into it and I felt awful- because I didn’t have a clue where to start!!! I mean my first thought was moisturiser – and I rarely do that to my body never mind my face!

So I decided NOW was the best time to start.

We are in the beginning of winter and my lips are definitely taking the cold hard – they are so dry and cracked lately. Along with a few break outs and general dry skin – I bought 3 products from Garnier to hopefully get me kick-started in skin care!


Micellar Cleansing WaterHypoallergenic Make-up remover and Cleanser

This probably seems like an obvious item that anyone who wears makeup should own – but I had never even heard of it! I now apply it every morning and night, before the application of makeup – and to remove it. It easily removes my make-up without having to scrub which I find a lot nicer then wipes. Not to mention the fresh feeling it gives you when your waking up and getting ready for the day.


PureActive Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Scrub  –Extracts of Grapefruit, Pomegranate & vitamin C

Despite this being a daily scrub I use this every other day and I love how it tightens my face and I can almost feel it working. I really like this product and it’s so nice to apply – it also smells amazing ❤ (two of my favourite scents!) I hope that I can keep up with this as I hope it could really help with future blackheads and spots.


Intense Care Moisturising cream Body, Hand and Face.

I have found this so useful! not only do I apply it to my hands and face on the night-time, but I love mixing a bit in with my foundation before applying it- which I find so good for my skin AND the improves the coverage of the foundation! This I feel has already had such a huge impact on my overall complexion and my face is visually smoother.


Another product i bought and felt that i should mention was –


Nivea Lip Fruity ShineWatermelon

This was bought specifically to help with my lips as they have been a bit of problem lately-and I’m sure me licking them is not helping! After wearing and applying this frequently two days in a row my lips are noticeably less dry and feel a lot less cracked. I opted for the specific lip style Nivea as I’m not too keen on using my finger to apply it from the pot – which I feel is very messy!


Is there any skin care that you would recommend trying out?? Please comment below if there are any – I would love to give them a go!





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