1st December 2016



This day of the year is generally one of my favourite days of the year- because it’s the 1st of December!!!

The official countdown to Christmas can begin! Because apparently it’s socially unacceptable to start getting excited in November – and the first Christmas movie I watched was on 9th!!!

I am a huge Christmas lover and enjoy everything about the season – especially the festive decorations and movie nights. Which normally involve warm blankets, cozy PJ’s, lots of yummy food and hot chocolate. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it??

I might just end up doing this tonight with my boyfriend maybe takeaway? who knows but I’ll defo make a follow up blog letting you guys know ❤

We all get to open/ eat chocolate calender’s which is another bonus – as some of you know I am a HUGE chocolate lover.


So last year I arranged a meal with most of my close friends. We went to a really nice restaurant where we surprisingly had a private section/ room which was a really nice surprise! With it being the 1st it was a Christmas menu which was very nice and the overall evening was really great ❤


I was also spoilt generously by my friends which I am very grateful for and feel blessed that they took time to enjoy my birthday with me – Thank you!


I hope that this next year brings as many amazing people into my life as this last year has ❤










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